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About us

Empadit AB is a burgeoning enterprise that accords primacy to Educational products by African writers. Our enterprise is currently making every effort to open up a better alternative through which products by African writers could become marketable at an affordably competitive rate in the markets of Europe, especially, in the Scandinavia, thereby satisfying European standards.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Empadit AB is a share company enterprise that is officially registered to operate per Swedish laws. In a nutshell, Empadit AB.

Publishing books directly from African authors as well as sells wholesale and retails online in Europe at a fair price.

Distribute books and educational materials on order to customers in the continent.

Distribute books and educational materials on order to customers in the continent.

Sponsors works of art by Africans so that they get what they worth; crafts traditional materials; and promotes or organizes book fairs.

In the event that there exist products you would like us to import and export to and from Africa, we at Trade Africa are here not only to fulfill your orders, but also to find ways to help facilitate the implementation of research-based plausible and yet feasible proposals for innovations that can make difference in the lives of many people.

About this Tigrinya course

This course is offered by distance learning in collaboration with Addis Ababa University at the certificate level for those who work in Tigrinya but do not have training. Up to 30 students will be enrolled in this course at a time, both individually and in groups. It is expected to have a duration of up to about 6 months.

These courses will play an important role in reinforcing the major language skills, deepening the understanding of the grammatical system of the language, and mainly in introducing scientific methods in the process of teaching the mother tongue. They impart knowledge and skills in mother-tongue learning. We believe that they will be helpful in your occupation.

The following Tigrinya courses will be offered.


Course name

Course code

Cr. hours


Grammar I

Tigrinya Phonetics and Phonology


TLLF 2032




Grammar II

Tigrinya Morphology & English Syntax

TLLF 2034



Theories and Practice of


TLLF 2054



Translation & Editing

TLLF 2055



Introduction to Geez

ELGi 3045



Reading Skills

TLLF 2023



Writing Skills

TLLF 2025



Literature and Language


TLLF 3072



Introduction to Folklore

TLLF 4081



Subject Area


ELTE 492






Students who successfully complete their studies after taking the comprehensive examination:-

Certificates will be awarded from the College of Humanities, Language Studies and Journalism and Communication.

They will have the opportunity to study up to undergraduate degree in the future by adding similar courses at the University of Addis Ababa.

About course delivery methods

All instruction will be provided online in Tigrinya; however, the test will be administrated in person.


All teachers are qualified and experienced teachers in the subject areas they teach. The instructor’s credentials include at least an MA in the area they teach, and the majority of them have PhDs or are pursuing their PhD studies.

Text books and modules

Modules are provided for each course. Each teacher was asked to prepare a module for their respective course s/he taught. The developed modules were critiqued and corrected by professionals. We are confident that each module will be helpful in your learning and work process.

We are excited to have you join us once again as we embark on a new journey of knowledge and growth. Our team at EMPADT is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and enriching learning experience.

A bit about EMPADT

EMPADT (Educational Materials Production and Distribution) Stockholm has been in existence for six years and is the only private company involved in the production of various vocational educational courses, textbooks and educational materials. It is headquartered in Stockholm and is opening a branch in Addis Ababa this year.

Best Regards,

Samer-Ab Tesfagabir EMPADT Course Coordinator Adiss Ababa, Ethiopia


Meet Our Lead Instructors

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About Us


Little Somebodies Are What We Do

At Empadit, we are dedicated to bridging linguistic gaps and fostering cultural connections. We provide a vibrant online platform where students can embark on a journey to learn their local language in an engaging and interactive way. Our expertly crafted courses cater to diverse communities, empowering learners to embrace their heritage and connect with their roots. Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to linguistic diversity, we strive to make language education accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful for everyone. Join us as we embark on a mission to enrich lives through the power of language and learning.

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This is Our Story

At LinguaLearn, our story is rooted in the belief that language is not just a means of communication but a powerful bridge that connects individuals and communities. Our journey began with a vision to empower students with the knowledge of their local language, especially when busy schedules made it challenging for parents to pass on this essential heritage.

Our Vision

At Empadit, we envision a world where every individual has the opportunity to connect with their roots through language. Our vision is to foster a global community where linguistic diversity is celebrated, cultural understanding is deepened, and individuals are empowered through the joy of learning.

Our Mission

At Empadit, our mission is to bridge cultural gaps and foster linguistic appreciation by providing accessible and engaging language education. We are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge of their local language, promoting inclusivity, and creating a global community that celebrates diversity.

What Our Students Say

Emapadit has been a game-changer for me! The courses are engaging, and the interactive lessons make learning my local language so much fun. I never thought I could grasp the basics this easily. It's not just a language course; it's a cultural journey that has broadened my horizons. Highly recommended!"

Maya Santos Student

I was hesitant at first, but Empadit's courses exceeded my expectations! The lessons are well-structured, and the platform is user-friendly. Now, I can confidently converse with my grandparents in their native language. Empadit is not just about learning words; it's about connecting with my roots."

Jake Paulin Student

Empadit turned language learning into a joyful experience. The cultural insights shared in each lesson added a unique touch, making the whole process immersive. I appreciate the effort put into creating a platform that goes beyond language basics."

Nick Adalman Student

Being a busy professional, Empadit's flexibility is a lifesaver. I can tailor my learning schedule to fit my lifestyle. The bite-sized lessons are perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle, and I love the convenience of picking up where I left off whenever I have the time."

Phoebe Smith Student

Get In Touch

Have questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello? Getting in touch with us is easy! Whether you’re a student eager to embark on a language-learning journey or an instructor ready to empower through teaching, feel free to reach out. Our friendly team at Empadit is here to assist you. Simply drop us a message, and let’s explore the world of language together. Your linguistic adventure starts with a simple “hello.”

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